Southern Classics Society is a friendly and informal, all-marque club for classic vehicle enthusiasts in the south of England

Meet the Committee

In the background to every successful club there is a hardworking set of people called 'The Committee'. They are often not seen but without them our Club would not exist. They volunteer their time so you have an active club. After loyal and much appreciated service to the Club, most recently as Chair, 2018 sees the retirement of John Albon, along with his wife Barbara (Regalia Secretary). The committee offers them its grateful thanks, and wishes them well in retirement. So below we show you the people and a bit of a story about what they do - come and say hello when you next see them.

The position of Chair is currently vacant. Phil Webb is currently standing in, but we would really like a permanent occupant for the position. If you think this might be the position for you, and would be interested in hearing more, please speak to a Committee member.

Robert Spence is the man who keeps us financially sound - our Treasurer, the one to whom we grovel for cheques. After a number of years editing our newsletter, for 2017 he has been promoted to the world of finance.

Robert has a 'Post Modern Classic' - an 1999 Alfa Romeo Spider 916 (in red of course).

Richard Long is our Events Co-ordinator and is reponsible for all the show bookings and promoting our club with other clubs, magazines and other classic car groups. He is always on the lookout for new ideas and show venues. If you have ideas let him know.

He is also the organiser of our 'Drive It Days' and is always on the look out for new venues we can drive to. Watch out for new ones this year.

Richard has a 1971 Triumph Vitesse Mk2 CV , and 1967 Sunbeam Alpine SV GT.

Phil Webb takes over from Robert as our Newsletter Editor. Please help Phil in this important role by sending him interesting articles for publication.

His garage mates are a 1984 Panther Kallista 2.8i and a 1961 Austin A40 Farina.

John Place is our Membership Secretary who will help you in all membership questions. He is always a busy man and if you want to speak to him at shows - he will often be in the blue gazebo.

John is big fan of short wheel based Land Rovers and owns a 1951 ex RAF 80 Series 1 model

The position of Regalia Sec. is currently vacant. Robert Spence is currently standing in, but we would really like a permanent occupant for the position. If you think this might be the position for you, and would be interested in hearing more, please speak to a Committee member.

Roger Pennington is our Webmaster (taking over the role from Phil). He is the one who reminds the Committee of the electronic world we live in. Any suggestions for the website - please send him an e-mail (see Contact Us)
He's also a photographer, so will often be seen with a camera at shows and events, taking photos for the website.

Roger also takes classic car ownership seriously as he uses one for his daily driver - a white Scimitar SS1. He has never owned a new car, after starting with old Fords, his first Scimitar GTE was bought in 1983, and he still owns it today, A second one followed in 1996 and the SS1 joined the stable in 2002.

Ted Preston is a General Committee Member having finished his term as our Chair. Known as 'Tannoy Ted' you will hear before you see him as he walks around the club shows with his tannoy welcoming you, telling you what is happening and persuading you to buy raffle tickets.

Ted owns two Rileys, a 1950 RMD Convertable and a 1950 RMF saloon.

Dave Tristram joined us as a General Committee Member in 2016 and, like John Place, has been an active supporter and helper at club events.

Also, like John, Dave has a penchant for old Landies, currently owning nine! Dave's daily drive is a 1955 Series 1 SWB Land Rover. He now also has a 1993 Mercedes 190E.

Tim Stables has joined us this year (2017) as a General Committee Member. He will be familiar to many members from our shows and events where he has been a regular participant, and always willing to help the other committee members, in times of need.

He is most familiar for his superbly-presented and beautifully sign-written green Ford van. which is regularly seen at our shows. In the past he has also had a V8 Bristol

Key Documents By which our Society is Governed

Attached below are the two key documents which control the running and administration of the Society. There are the Society Constitution and the Society Officers' Role Descriptions. They are of particular value at the AGM, where reference may be made to them.

Click here

for the Society Constitution (Adobe PDF format, size 345KB)

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for the Society Officers' Role Descriptions (Adobe PDF format, size 345KB)